We are done accepting submissions for the 2022 cohort.

WYEP’s Reimagination project provides a unique approach to music education for high school teens from the Pittsburgh region. Over the past eight years, we have engaged more than 240 young musicians looking to hone their skills, learn about the music industry and prepare to launch their careers. Reimagination alumni include GRAMMY-Award winning artist Daya, Emmy-Award winning artist Jessica Bitsura, American Idol contestant Sloane Simon, and blues phenom, Pierce Dipner.

This was a good way to sort of start a farm team of young musicians and help them get the experience that 99 percent of other young musicians in town are not getting by offering a studio experience, workshops to talk about booking and songwriting and also provide them with shows…

-Greg Joseph

Project Team

Also, we partner with local producers, musicians and recording studios to put Reimagination in motion. Past collaborators include Dave Hidak at The Church Recording Studio, Carolyn Slouthour at 25 Carrick Avenue, INEZ, Rick Witkowski, Poogie Bell, Jon Bindley, Liz Berlin, Jake Hanner, Joe Munroe, Brian Edwards, Melinda Colaizzi, Sean McDonald at Red Medicine Recording Studio, and Amos Levy and James Brown of The YMCA Lighthouse Project.

Reimagination is presented with funding from The Grable Foundation and the members of WYEP.

Experience Reimagination



Reimagination 2020

Na’Chelle Simone’s song “Rise Up” was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition in 2020


Reimagination 2014

Daya (Grace Tandon) won a GRAMMY Award for best dance recording for “Don’t Let Me Down” in 2017



Reimagination 2014

Jessica Bitsura won an Emmy Award in 2019 for her song “Dear Neighbor,”

a tribute to the victims of the Tree Of Life Synagogue tragedy



Reimagination 2018

Mirror Image ( Trent & Colton Edwards) performed on America’s Got Talent



Reimagination 2019

Sloane Simon performed on Season 4 of American Idol