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May’s monthly on-demand music stream is exclusively cover songs paired with their original versions.


Vibin’ hosted by George T. brings you two hours of music steeped in the soul & R&B of the 90s, with a touch of what’s current. From new jack swing to hip-hop to the neo-soul movement and more, Vibin’ is a throwback to the era of “In Living Color,” “Martin,” and “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

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Reimagination pairs teen musicans with music industry professionals. Reimagination 2021 album coming soon!

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Best Songs By The B-52’s

For Kate Pierson’s birthday on April 27, 2021, we polled WYEP’s listeners to find out what they considered the best songs by The B-52’s. Here are the top 45 songs from the group.

Music Lists

The Lockdown Countdown 2

Last spring, we put together the first Lockdown Countdown but there was no way we anticipated we would still be practicing social distancing and staying home in 2021. But here we are, so we had listeners vote for the songs they felt were among the best ever.

Music Lists

Greatest Songs of the Past 30 Years

We combed through the last 30 years of music and curated our list of the greatest 600 songs. We’ll be playing them throughout the day Thursday and Friday on 91.3FM.

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Motown Playlist

A Spotify playlist of Motown songs played on “Thanksgiving With… Motown” from November 2020.