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Best Pittsburgh Music of 2020

Morning Mix Host Joey Spehar and Liz Felix, host of the Evening Mix and the Pittsburgh Music Hour, shared their favorites on Pittsburgh Music 2020. 

Music News

Artist of the Year

Congratulations to INEZ, whose debut record “Voicemails and Conversations” made a big impression on WYEP staff and listeners, and earned her the title of 2020 Pittsburgh Artist of the Year.



Dubmission, hosted by Kerem, features a mix of offbeat, glitch, house, techno, jazz, leftfield, dub, soul, lo-fi, funk, hip hop, downtempo, broken beat, disco, and rare grooves.

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Reimagination pairs teen musicans with music industry professionals. Apply by Jan. 1, 2021.

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Music News

Greatest Songs of the Past 30 Years

We combed through the last 30 years of music and curated our list of the greatest 600 songs. We’ll be playing them throughout the day Thursday and Friday on 91.3FM.