From our daily mixes to our weekend specialty programming, WYEP has something new for music lovers to discover.

Check out the full program schedule here.

Daily Programs:

The Morning Mix

Features Grateful Dead jams (short and long, live and studio). Tune-in for general good timey-ness.

The Midday Mix

The Midday Mix hosted by Kyle Smith gets you through the toughest part of your workday.

The Afternoon Mix

Ride home from work with Rosemary Welsch, WYEP’s most tenured host and music expert.

The Evening Mix

The Evening Mix blends classic songs from the last 60+ years of popular music with new indie rock, soul, hip hop, Americana and of course, lots of Pittsburgh music. On Monday nights at 9, The Evening Mix includes the Pittsburgh Music Hour, focusing exclusively on the Western PA music scene.

Weekly Programs:

Thursdays 8PM – Midnight

The Block Party

The Block Party features newer acts and a more modern take on music, with indie rock, hip hop, soul, and local artists each hour.

Fridays 6 – 8PM

Grand Groove Radio

A weekly exploration of contemporary and classic offerings in R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, House, and Hip-Hop hosted by DJ Selecta.

Saturdays 2 – 5PM

The Soul Show

In its third decade on WYEP, The Soul Show hosted by Mike Canton journeys the landscape of classic and modern R&B, with generous jaunts into funk, jazz and fusion.

Saturdays 5 – 9PM

Big Town Blues

According to show host Wrett Weatherspoon, “the blues are a part of American culture that needs to be understood more and get more respect. Although blues have continued to grow through the generations, it’s been a struggle to get music industry recognition for the genre.” Join Wrett every Saturday while he spins the blues by new & classic artists, bringing a heightened awareness of the suffering and joys of bluesmen and blueswomen to his listeners.