From our daily mixes to our weekend specialty programming, WYEP has something new for music lovers to discover.

Check out the full program schedule here.

Daily Programs:

Joey Spehar

Features Grateful Dead jams (short and long, live and studio). Tune-in for general good timey-ness.

Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith gets you through the toughest part of your workday.

Rosemary Welsch

Ride home from work with Rosemary Welsch, WYEP’s most tenured host and music expert.

Liz Felix

Liz Felix blends classic songs from the last 60+ years of popular music with new indie rock, soul, hip hop, Americana and of course, lots of Pittsburgh music. On Monday nights at 9, Liz includes the Pittsburgh Music Hour, focusing exclusively on the Western PA music scene.

Weekly Programs:

Mondays 10PM – 11PM

Sheroes Radio with Carmel Holt

A nationally syndicated radio show with a mission to turn up the volume of women’s voices on the airwaves and in music, across genres and generations.

Wednesdays 10PM – 12AM

The Grooves

WYEP’s weekly, two hour all-vinyl show that crosses musical styles and genres. Hosted by Brian Siewiorek.

Thursdays 12AM – 4AM

Dave Blaushild

Hosts every Wednesday late night (technically Thursday morning) from midnight to 4 AM.

Thursdays 8PM – Midnight

The Block Party

The Block Party features newer acts and a more modern take on music, with indie rock, hip hop, soul, and local artists each hour.

Fridays 6PM – 8PM

Grand Groove Radio

A weekly exploration of contemporary and classic offerings in R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, House, and Hip-Hop.

Fridays 8PM – 10PM

We Got the Beat

From The Go-Gos to Talking Heads, Bob Studebaker has curated the perfect mix of 80s music.

Fridays 10PM – 12AM

Slacker Rewind

Slacker Rewind, hosted by Mike Sauter, takes you back to the era of classic alternative rock.

Weekend Programs:

Saturdays 12AM – 4AM


Hosts every Saturday 12 AM – 4 AM

Saturdays 6AM – 7AM


eTown is an exciting weekly radio broadcast heard from coast to coast on NPR, public and WYEP. Every eTown show is taped in front of a live audience and features performances from many of today’s top musical artists as well as conversations and information about the world around us.

Saturdays 7AM – 10AM

Steve Morse

A specially curated music mix to get your early Saturday mornings off to a positive start.

Saturdays 10AM – 2PM

Sean Fogarty

Sean Fogarty is your host for the “Most productive four hours of your weekend.”

Saturdays 5 – 9PM

Big Town Blues

According to show host Wrett Weatherspoon, “the blues are a part of American culture that needs to be understood more and get more respect. Although blues have continued to grow through the generations, it’s been a struggle to get music industry recognition for the genre.” Join Wrett every Saturday while he spins the blues by new & classic artists, bringing a heightened awareness of the suffering and joys of bluesmen and blueswomen to his listeners.

Saturdays 9PM – 12AM

Rollin’ and Tumblin’

Rollin And Tumblin’ is a three-hour tour through history of electric and acoustic Blues.

Sundays 12AM-1AM

Beale Street Caravan

For more than 20 years, Beale Street Caravan has been capturing and exporting the sounds of Memphis and the Delta region. It is our mission to celebrate the culture of our region by sharing our music with the world.

Sundays 1AM-5AM


Dubmission, hosted by Kerem, features a mix of offbeat, glitch, house, techno, jazz, leftfield, dub, soul, lo-fi, funk, hip hop, downtempo, broken beat, disco, and rare grooves.

Sundays 6AM-8AM

Folk Alley

Each week, Folk Alley host Elena See collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, and exclusive Folk Alley in-studio.

Sundays 8AM-11AM

Erin Dawes

Erin Dawes hosts an eclectic musical mix to ease you into your Sunday morning.

Sundays 2PM-5PM

Barb Steinberg

A great mix of indie and classic rock, similar to weekday programming.

Sundays 5PM-8PM

Roots and Rhythm

Roots and Rhythm hosted by Jesse Novak is an eclectic musical adventure digging deep into various genres including country, blues, world, zydeco, soul, reggae and more.

Sundays 8PM-11PM

Bruce Mountjoy

Three hours of the best new and classic bluegrass music, news and events hosted by Bruce Mountjoy.

Sundays 11PM-12AM

The Grateful Dead Hour

Hosted by David Gans, The Grateful Dead Hour is exactly what it sounds like, an hour of music from the legendary jam band.