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Local 913, Episode 104: Kiera Zee

This week's episode East Side native, Kiera Zee. Learn more with host Cindy Howes.

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We Got The Beat

On Thursday evening at 10pm, listen for the premiere of We Got the Beat, a new weekly two-hour show that's all '80s music.

The Music Of 1994

Tune in on Tuesday at 8pm as Kyle Smith winds the clock back to 1994. Tune in for music from Oasis,Tom Petty, Liz Phair and other artists who were releasing great music in 1994.

The Holmes Brothers

Tune in Wednesday at 8pm as we revisit a memorable night from 2006, when The Holmes Brothers performed a live on-the-air concert from our performance space. 

Music In Triplicate

Tune in Thursday at 8pm  for "Fun, Fun, Fun!" For an hour, all of the songs we play will have words repeated three times in their title! This is an hour that you’re going to love, love, love!

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Weekly Program Schedule

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