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The Greatest 25 Talking Heads Songs

October 6, 2020

Here are WYEP’s greatest 25 Talking Heads songs. Thanks to everyone who voted!

 All of the songs from Talking Heads’ eight albums were voted on by WYEP’s listeners and here is the cream of the crop.

25.“Mr. Jones”Naked
24.“The Big Country”More Songs About Buildings and Food
23.“Houses in Motion”Remain in Light
22.“Found a Job”More Songs About Buildings and Food
21.“Pulled Up”Talking Heads: 77
20.“Making Flippy Floppy”Speaking in Tongues
19.“Don’t Worry About the Government”Talking Heads: 77
18.“Cities”Fear of Music
17.“Stay Up Late”Little Creatures
16.“Slippery People”Speaking in Tongues
15.“Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)”Remain in Light
14.“I Zimbra”Fear of Music
13.“Heaven”Fear of Music
12.“Crosseyed and Painless”Remain in Light
11.“(Nothing But) Flowers”Naked
10.“Wild Wild Life”True Stories
9.“Road to Nowhere”Little Creatures
8.“And She Was”Little Creatures
7.“Girlfriend Is Better”Speaking in Tongues
6.“Take Me to the River”More Songs About Buildings and Food
5.“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)”Speaking in Tongues
4.“Burning Down the House”Speaking in Tongues
3.“Life During Wartime”Fear of Music
2.“Once in a Lifetime”Remain in Light
1.“Psycho Killer”Talking Heads: 77

We looked at how many songs were rated highly by listeners by album, and that gave us a ranking of Talking Heads albums, based on the popularity of their songs.

 Albums RankedMost Popular Song From That Album
8.Naked“(Nothing But) Flowers”
7.True Stories“Wild Wild Life”
6.More Songs About Buildings and Food“Take Me to the River”
5.Little Creatures“And She Was”
4.Talking Heads: 77“Psycho Killer”
3.Remain in Light“Once in a Lifetime”
2.Fear of Music“Life During Wartime”
1.Speaking in Tongues“Burning Down the House”