Become a Member

Simply put, membership is public radio-speak for “donor.” It’s your financial support that becomes the music and programs that you love, and that helps WYEP accomplish our mission: to enrich the community through musical discovery, expression and education. Membership is our largest source of revenue and makes all of the music possible—both on and off the air. Your membership also comes with great benefits, including access to exclusive ticket offers, Live & Direct sessions, free members-only concerts and other special member events and invitations.

A great way to fit supporting WYEP into your budget is sustaining membership. By choosing an ongoing monthly donation charged to your credit card or automatically withdrawn from your checking account (our favorite!), you can support WYEP at a level that is comfortable for you and then never really have to think about it again. Your membership continues uninterrupted until you ask us to stop or want to change the amount of your monthly donation.

As a sustaining member, you provide steady, reliable support for WYEP. Since we know we can count on your monthly support, we are able to decrease fundraising expenses and invest more of your contribution directly into the programs you enjoy, and sustaining members help us better plan our budget year. On your end, you’ll receive first invitations to Live & Direct Sessions. Another not-so-small bonus: an increased base of sustaining members means a decrease in the amount of time we spend on-air fundraising.

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