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Pittsburgh Music Moments

July 5, 2022

July is Love Pittsburgh Music Month, and we’ve got a new feature to share. Gretchen Unico is your host every Monday night at 9 for Pittsburgh Music Moments, a deep dive into the eras and genres of music that shaped our city’s history.

July 4th: The Jazz Era

Starting in the 1920’s, Pittsburgh was host to a vibrant scene for jazz artists.

July 11th: Doo-Wop

In the 1950’s, Pittsburgh artists and radio stations were on the ground floor of a new genre of music called Doo-Wop.

July 18th: Garage Rock and Garage Rock Revival

An explosive new sound made its way onto the scene in the 60’s, and echoed throughout the decades that followed in Pittsburgh.

July 25th: Pittsburgh New Wave

New wave music with a Rust Belt rock n’ roll edge was on the rise in Pittsburgh in the 70’s and 80’s.