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Black History Month Playlist

A curated list of songs from Black musicians….

The Grooves

WYEP’s weekly, two hour all-vinyl show that crosses musical styles and genres. Hosted by Brian Siewiorek….

LaRue June ‘I’m Finished’

by Joey Spehar “Uplifting music is comforting for sure,” says Casey Hanner, “But, you know, there’s something about wanting to just wallow in the sadness before you move on….

TV’s NORM ‘Novocaine’

by Joey Spehar TV’s NORM used to be called John Wayne Gretzky, but that didn’t last long after a Canadian rapper of the same name found out about them….

Melinda and the Night Sky ‘Say What You Mean’

by Joey Spehar “I played so good that I destroyed an amp. It caught on fire,” says Kristian Habenicht who plays guitar in the Pittsburgh band Melinda and the…

Merce Lemon “Tiny Man”

by Joey Spehar Merce Lemon was in a punk band at the age of 7. Yes, you read that correctly. Merce Lemon was in her first real band in…

Song Premiere: Abstract Theory “Blue”

Pittsburgh Hip-Hop duo Abstract Theory are getting to release some new music. If you’re too excited to wait, today is your lucky day! We’re excited to premiere “Blue” –…

One Man Sample “Kids”

by Joey Spehar “You never know where someone came from or what they’re going through,” says Josef DiPietrantonio. “You don’t know where people want to get to.” DiPietrantonio is…

Earth To Dora by Eels

by Joey Spehar “Are we alright again?” is one of many questions asked by Mark Oliver Everett and Eels on the new album Earth To Dora – the band’s…

Bill Toms & Hard Rain “Man’s Soul Is On Trial”

by Joey Spehar “The sound that Bill Toms and Hard Rain make, I believe is the sound of the American conscience,” says Bill Toms. “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm &…

Cisco Kid

by Joey Spehar “A song can mean something to you and something completely different to someone else and that’s fine. That’s part of the magic of the whole thing.”…

Neil Young 75th Birthday Tribute

by Mike Sauter Neil Young was born on Nov. 12, 1945 in Toronto, Canada. He got into rock & roll as a teenager and began playing ukulele. In 1963,…

Slacker Rewind

Listen to the latest episode of Slacker Rewind with host Mike Sauter….

Kayla Schureman

by Joey Spehar Kayla Schureman first caught our ears a few years back with her Americana-tinged album Kiss The Ground. Her latest release, though, sounds quite a bit different…

American Head by The Flaming Lips

by Joey Spehar Believe it or not, after spending the last few decades floating somewhere deep in the cosmos, The Flaming Lips have returned to planet Earth. American Head…

Live & Direct Session: Black Pumas

Black Pumas performed live at WYEP on July 10, 2019 Set List:  – Black Moon Rising – Confines – OCT 33 – Colors…

The Block Party

Listen to the latest episode of The Block Party with host Liz Felix….

The Soul Show

Listen to the latest episode of The Soul Show with host Mike Canton….

Big Town Blues

Listen to the latest episode of Big Town Blues with host Wrett Weatherspoon….

Pittsburgh Music Hour

Listen to the latest episode of the Pittsburgh Music Hour with host Liz Felix….

Grand Groove Radio

Listen to the latest episode of Grand Groove Radio with host Selecta….

We Got the Beat

Listen to the latest episode of We Got the Beat with host Bob Studebaker….

An American Sampler

Listen to the latest episode of An American Sampler with host Ken Batista….

Bluegrass Jam Session

Listen to the latest episode of Bluegrass Jame Session hosted by Bruce Mountjoy….


Listen to the latest episode of Dubmission with host Kerem Gokmen….

Rollin’ and Tumblin’

Listen to the latest episode of Rollin’ and Tumblin’ with host Rob O’Friel….

The Coffeehouse

Listen to the latest episode of The Coffeehouse with host Erin Dawes….

The Roots and Rhythm Mix

Listen to the latest episode of The Roots and Rhythm Mix with host Jesse Novak….


by Joey Spehar “I don’t really care what people get from my music. People will get whatever they are looking for out of art. So, if they’re looking to…

Sad Hunk by Bahamas

by Joey Spehar I have always thought of Bahamas as soft rock for people who think they are too cool to admit they like Ambrosia. There is something just…

Bad Custer

Don’t think too hard about how the Pittsburgh band Bad Custer got their name. There’s no big meaning behind it, it was just almost showtime at their first gig…


Mark Jeffries is a middle school science teacher by day and a garage rock obsessed songwriter after the bell rings. “I’m obsessed, still. I was in college and I’m…

daniel johnston built to spill album art

Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

Most people who know of and enjoy the music and art of Daniel Johnston can probably remember the moment their orbit passed with his. For lots of people, that…

Jack Swing

Jack Swing Jack Swing’s New Sound Is About Finding ‘Inspiration Within Yourself’ [Media – L913JackSwing.mp3] Isaiah Ross started Jack Swing when he was in a low place and needed music…

Scratchy Blanket

Scratchy Blanket Get Ready To Feel Uplifted With New Music From Scratchy Blanket [Media] Shannon Keating fronts the Pittsburgh band Scratchy Blanket along with her wife Chloe Hodgkins. “Chloe is…

Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory Abstract Theory Is Ready To Take A Big Leap [Media] Louie Petrone from the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop group Abstract Theory grew up playing on his keyboard. “At a young…

Lofi Delphi

Lofi Delphi Lofi Delphi Touches On The Nuance Of Human Relationships, With A Catchy Beat [Media – L913LoFiDelphi.mp3] The lyrics of a Lofi Delphi song can seem pretty personal, touching…


Kelsey High School Musical Rejection Couldn’t Stop Pittsburgh Singer Kelsey [Media – L913Kelsey.mp3] Pittsburgh singer Kelsey always wanted to be in a high school musical, but she never got the…

Avi Diamond

Avi Diamond Avi Diamond Is “Not Sorry” For Taking Control In Her Music [Media] Avi Diamond’s latest album “Barefoot” was inspired by a winter relationship. She’s happy to say she’s…

The Living Street

The Living Street The Living Street Experiments With New Sounds [Media] Pittsburgh band The Living Street spent most of the winter on tour. When they got back, everything was different…


Same Collaboration Is The Key To Same’s New Album “Plastic Western” [Media] Same’s new album “Plastic Western” is a very special record for the band. And it almost didn’t happen….

Chalk Dinosaur

Chalk Dinosaur is a prolific band. They’ve released more than a dozen albums and EPs along with a sprinkling of singles over the last ten years. However, if you had asked…

Live & Direct Session: Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy swung by WYEP’s South Side studios Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, to perform a Live & Direct Session ahead of opening for the Lumineers at PPG Paints Arena….


INEZ wants people to feel hopeful after hearing her music. “I’m passionate, man. I’m passionate about my music. I’m passionate about love and I want people to walk away…

Live & Direct Session: Yola

Yola performed live in the WYEP studios and spoke to Afternoon Mix host, Rosemary Welsch, on July 30, 2019. Set list:  – Shady Grove – Love All Night –…

Live & Direct Session: Yola

Yola performed live in the WYEP studios and spoke to Afternoon Mix host, Rosemary Welsch, on July 30, 2019. Set list:  – Shady Grove – Love All Night –…

Live & Direct Session: J.S. Ondara

J.S. Ondara performed live at WYEP on July 24th, 2019. Set list:  – Saying Goodbye – Lebanon – Give Me A Moment – American Dream…