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Bad Custer

What’s most interesting about Bad Custer is what they sound like.


Science Teacher Mark Jeffries Becomes Songwriter DiLisio After The Bell Rings

daniel johnston built to spill album art

Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

Most people who know of and enjoy the music and art of Daniel Johnston can probably remember the moment their orbit passed with his. For lots of people, that was during the 1992 VMA’s on MTV. Kurt Cobain wore a T-shirt showcasing Johnston’s famous “Hi, How Are You” drawing – a work that first appeared […]

Jack Swing

Jack Swing’s New Sound Is About Finding ‘Inspiration Within Yourself’

Scratchy Blanket

Get Ready To Feel Uplifted With New Music From Scratchy Blanket

Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory Is Ready To Take A Big Leap

Lofi Delphi

Lofi Delphi Touches On The Nuance Of Human Relationships, With A Catchy Beat


High School Musical Rejection Couldn’t Stop Pittsburgh Singer Kelsey

Avi Diamond

Avi Diamond Is “Not Sorry” For Taking Control In Her Music

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