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Welcome to Key Tracks! Let’s revisit five of the best songs from a WYEP artist or band!

Each week explores five key tracks from a WYEP band or artist that has three or more releases out. Whether you’re just discovering a band’s most important tracks or seeing if your five match our own, check out the feature weekdays at 1 pm on WYEP at: wyep.org/listen

WYEP Key Tracks are updated weekly on Fridays.

Today, we’re exploring the songs of: Big Thief

Big Thief have roots in Brooklyn and also have their musical feet steeped in both indie rock and indie folk.  They’ve put out 5 albums so far, and have received Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Album, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance.  Their latest effort ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You‘ came out in February of this year.