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Andy Cook


Andy Cook began volunteering for WYEP in 2001 and became a part-time host in 2021. As a child, he was captivated by the almost magical power of music. Listening to his brothers’ Beatles vinyl records and his parent’s Motown cassettes, Andy was transported to a world where humans could create something so beautiful and profound. The joy he felt at being able to listen to these sounds whenever he wanted was unparalleled, and it’s a feeling that has stayed with him his entire life. For Andy, music truly is the key to happiness, a precious gift that can never be taken away.

Andy Cook is a part-time host and fills in during the weekdays.

My favorite album to play on air is a common answer, but The Clash’s London Calling. The love the band feels for the music they’re playing hits you right in the face. Also, they somehow blend a bunch of different genres of music, and make it all sound natural.

One of the most memorable concerts I attended was Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Carnegie Music Hall in 2017. It sounds like hyperbole, but it felt almost spiritual. You could tell everyone in the crowd knew they were seeing something special, so we better be present and involved. One of those rare occasions where it truly hits you how lucky the world is to have music.