Tomorrow Club ‘Hold Me In Your Mind’

Pittsburgh musician Andre Costello really wants to give you a hug. Until it’s safe to do that, though, he’ll just have to hold you in his mind.

by Joey Spehar

“The Tomorrow Club was a venue in Youngstown, Ohio,” explains Pittsburgh musician Andre Costello. “My dad used to drive over to Youngstown and see concerts growing up. Conceptually, even without the venue story, it just seemed like a positive, looking-forward type of thing where the membership is just being optimistic.”

Tomorrow Club – the latest project from Costello – undoubtedly exudes that warm and fuzzy optimism at a time when personal connections were almost nonexistent for many people.  Going into the pandemic,” he explains, “I had a handful of songs just kind of stuck in my head, bouncing around. I knew that they weren’t going to end up being Andre Costello and The Cool Minors songs and I had always been toying around with the idea of having a band that didn’t have my name in it.”

For Costello, it was an exercise in self-reliance.

“In The Cool Minors,” he admits, “I’m very dependent on the rest of the players in the band and being able to bounce ideas off of them and leaning on their abilities as musicians and players and friends, and I was able to start Tomorrow Club by myself. To me, it was a good way, a good, healthy way, to exercise my feelings and have an outlet for expression and that’s really why I got into music in the first place.”