Live & Direct: The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow have been making music together for more than a decade, something that becomes apparent in their casual interactions between the trio whether performing or sharing stage banter. You can hear it in their close harmonies, and how they pick up on each other’s musical cues. What’s also obvious is they’ve lost none of the passion they feel for the music or for performing with each other. After relying on outside producers, the trio stepped into the role of producing themselves on their most recent album “Love Songs for Losers,” revealing the confidence and experience of the past decade. The Lone Bellow’s WYEP Live & Direct Session is a window into the band’s personality. Check it out!

By Rosemary Welsch


  • “Gold”
  • “Homesick”
  • “Unicorn”
  • “Honey”


  • Zach Williams: vocals, guitar
  • Kanene Pipkin: vocals, mandolin
  • Brian Elmquist: vocals, guitar


  • Host: Rosemary Welsch
  • Audio Engineer: Thomas Cipollone
  • Audio Mix: Tom Hurley
  • Videographer/Editor: Nick Wright
  • Program Director: Liz Felix
  • VP, Broadcasting: Mike Sauter

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