Things Are Great for Band of Horses

Band of Horses returned with “Things Are Great” early in 2022. Ben Bridwell joins Morning Mix host Joey Spehar to talk about the new record.

by Joey Spehar

Band of Horses recently released their 6th album, Things Are Great. Singer and songwriter Ben Bridwell recently spoke with Morning Mix host Joey Spehar from his home in South Carolina about the band’s new album.

Things Are Great marks a shift in songwriting styles for Bridwell, who found himself shying away from metaphor and jumping headfirst into a more direct approach to writing lyrics. The record feels confessional and therapeutic at times. Bridwell writes openly about topics including crying on stage, seeing his ex around town, and falling down the stairs holding his baby – experiences we may have all come across, but sometimes feel too embarrassed to admit.

Things are great for Ben Bridwell these days. At least, they could be worse.

Listen to Things Are Great here: