Abstract Theory ‘Blue’

Abstract Theory are here to offer concrete solutions for feeling blue.

by Joey Spehar

“Our take on perfection is different and as far as, like, the things we like and want in a song, they’re not always the same,” says Troy Johnson of the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop duo Abstract Theory. “So, yeah,” he adds, “It can get pretty heated.”

Even when things do get heated, it’s all for the best. As Troy’s musical partner Louie Petrone puts it, “We don’t want to sacrifice what we think is going to bring out the best in the song.”

That means arguing sometimes, but it mostly means bringing together the best of what they’ve got individually to create something that resonates in a bigger way, though the results can often be surprising. Troy and Louie are multi-talented artists with the ability to help tell those stories in multifaceted ways. Visual arts play an important role in the world of Abstract Theory.

“We want to tell more of a story or just showcase more of what the emotion is,” says Troy. “We want to leave you in some way questioning. We want to shock all of your senses.”

The pair plan to release a new project each month this year, starting with the new single, “Blue.” It’s an uplifting song about overcoming everyday struggles like hating your job or your significant other hating you. As Troy puts it, “It was always this idea of being sad, but, like, I know I can maintain even if it doesn’t seem that way.”