The Little Wretches

Uncommon Grounds Cafe

The Little Wretches will perform RED BEETS & HORSERADISH, hopeful tales of people facing isolation with indomitable faith and resilience.

At the Uncommon Grounds Cafe website, you will see the words, “WALKING WITH PEOPLE FROM ISOLATION TO COMMUNITY.”

At the Church Army website, you will see the words, “HOPE ON THE STREETS.

As you listen to the songs from The Little Wretches’ RED BEETS & HORSERADISH, you will hear the hopeful tales of people weathering isolation—sick people, old people, poor people, and people who are alone—with indomitable faith and resilience. Memorable melodies. Nice harmonies. Simple chords. Steady beats.

Donations of any amount will be accepted for admission, but we sincerely hope you will purchase a ticket in advance.