Animal Scream & Zack Keim


With special guest Ames Harding

Doors at 9:00 | Show at 9:30
21+ / $10 Day Of Show

ANIMAL SCREAM is a dark pop outfit founded by CHAD MONTICUE, (Producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist), and JOSH SICKELS, (Producer, drums, percussion), both previously of the band 1,2,3. All music is written and recorded by Monticue, Produced by Animal Scream and mixed by Jake Hanner.
With gnarled, thundering bass lines scrawled beneath falsetto vocals and sly but rollicking guitars, Animal Scream’s aural persona is one of dark-but-fiery expression and vibrant visual appeal, igniting their weird-pop sensibility with a vast and varied sonic backdrop.
Members Chad Monticue & Josh Sickels playfully describe their sound: “If you gathered up Prince, Roy Orbison, Thom Yorke, and Misfits-era Glenn Danzig as the house band at the Bang Bang Bar in Twin Peaks, that’s often what our music sounds like.”

ZACK KEIM can find inspiration nearly anywhere. The Pittsburgh singer-songwriter hatched the hook for his new single, “Canyon,” while driving around Washington, D.C. making food deliveries. “I was delivering Uber Eats, and I wrote that on my phone—just a voice memo,” Keim recalls. An insistent vocal refrain (“Can-yonnn!”) was all it took; Keim started strumming the melody on his guitar, and pretty soon the song blossomed into a buoyant folk-pop gem of a tune. Keim’s first solo single since his 2017 debut First Step, “Canyon” is both a monumental leap forward and the first taste of Keim’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Battery Lane.
On “Canyon,” you can hear this creativity entering full blossom. Keim’s new songwriting revels in a new sonic complexity, full of winks at acoustic psychedelia and rustling piano that recalls vintage Walkmen records. “Canyon,” which Keim playfully describes as his “summer roadtrip single,” will be released as a 45 this fall on Action Weekend Records out of Europe.
Now based back in Pittsburgh, Keim is currently at work on his second solo album, titled Battery Lane after the street he lived on in the D.C. area. Produced by Jake Hanner (Donora) and the duo Animal Scream.
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“Canyon” is an impressive show for Keim as someone in the midst of a redefining moment.” – Pittsburgh City Paper
“We’ve heard Zack Keim in garage-rock mode with The Nox Boys and stripped-down folk mode a la early Dylan on his Get Hip solo album, but “Canyon” is something new.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

AMES HARDING started in 2017 as the first solo project of multi-instrumentalist Christopher Ames Harding. He set out to explore his roots, combining folk, psychedelic, and world music into his own unique blend. As a child of an Americana musician raised in Egypt, India and Latin America, these unique sonic cultures formed the basis for his songwriting exploration. Since moving to Pittsburgh in 2020, Ames Harding have been the featured artist on WYEP, and placed in the Top 3 for the 2021 WYEP singer-songwriter competition.
In 2021 Ames Harding became a band, with four Pittsburgh musicians bringing alive the dynamic songs with a focus on heavy grooves and stylistic variety. The band is currently made up of Eli Weidman (drums), AJ Arnett (percussion), Mike Saunders (bass), Lauren Nakamura (vocals, synth), and Ames Harding (guitar, vocals). Their debut album, Dance of the Red Flower, was released in March 2022. Recorded live with horn backing in an abandoned church in Wilkinsburg, this album demonstrates the range and technical ability that Ames Harding has already achieved. The songs are all woven together by rich sonic landscapes, non-traditional song structures, and surreal lyrical motifs.
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“It’s safe to say that no one in indie music has the songwriting range of Ames Harding. You can’t hear this kind of music happening anywhere else right now. Maybe you can find a few artists with Latin and world influences, but can they write a New Orleans jazz song with an actual catchy hook? How about a western tune? You’d be hard pressed. Of course, he has help from his all-star band who fill these songs with as much life as a conservatory.” – Ross Weidman