Submit your music to Elevate The Underground

Hello! I am Clara Kent, an Afro-Indigenous artist from Homewood, entrepreneur, visual artist, live performance artist, and NOW a Radio Host at 91.3 WYEP 🖤. 

More Bounce is focused on R&B/Soul and Alt-R&B but also touches on Hip-Hop, Afro-Beat, Funk, and other genres adjacent to it. It’s no secret that R&B has been grossly under-supported in recent years, so much so that people are saying it’s “dead.” Notable stars in music and art feel strongly against this notion and I follow suit! There are so many beautiful works of art in the R&B world that are buried under the monotony of mainstream media, it’s unfair to lay such a bold claim on its legacy.

If you feel you create music within this world or know of an artist that does, please submit it. I prioritize promoting BIPOC artists & Pittsburgh artists, but I am also looking for talent outside of our city too.

I air on Fridays between 6 PM-8 PM every week and on the WYEP app. Submissions are ongoing until further notice.

How do I submit my music to be considered for airplay?

ATTN: Clara Kent/Liz Felix
67 Bedford Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

How do songs get on the air at WYEP?

Here are a few of the things that WYEP looks for when considering music for Elevate the Underground:

What else should I know before I submit my songs to WYEP?

If you have a question about the submission process, please email [email protected]

Thank you for supporting More Bounce and I wish you the best of luck!