Greatest Songs of the Past 30 Years

We combed through the last 30 years of music and curated our list of the greatest 600 songs.

Read reviews of some of our favorites.


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Pittsburgh Artist of the Week


Middle school science teacher by day, songwriter by night. Check out DiLisio, whose song “Flower Bed” was inspired by his neighbor.

daniel johnston built to spill album art
Album Spotlight

Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

Most people who know of and enjoy the music and art of Daniel Johnston can probably remember the moment their orbit passed with his. For lots of people, that was during the 1992 VMA’s on MTV. Kurt Cobain wore a T-shirt showcasing Johnston’s famous “Hi, How Are You” drawing – a work that first appeared on an album cover in 1983 and then a mural on the side of an Austin record store.

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