WYEP's 40th Anniversary Audio Archive

WYEP celebrates 40 years on the air this year.  As we look into the future and the next 40 years, we've asked a few voices from the past to share their memories of WYEP through music.

For more audio and memorabilia related to WYEP's history, visit our archival Tumblr blog.


Blair Lyon Guest DJ - Blair Lyon hosted a Blues Show on WYEP from 1979-1983.

David Dye Guest DJ - David Dye hosts the nationally-syndicated World Cafe. 

Dinah Denmark Guest DJ – Dinah Denmark hosted The Saturday Mix from 1995-2008.

Greg Meitus Guest DJ – Greg Metius was WYEP’s Music Director from 1994-1998.

Jeff Smith Guest DJ - Jeff Smith was one of the founders of WYEP.

Joe Ruesh Guest DJ – Joe Ruesch was a volunteer at WYEP in the early 90s and a member of the staff from 1995-2003 as a host and Production Director.

Kate Borger Guest DJ - Kate Borger hosted The Roots & Rhythm Mix from 1997-2008.

Kate Granneman Guest DJ – Kate Granneman was a DJ at WYEP beginning the first week the station began broadcasting.  She also volunteered and joined the staff in the 80s and 90s.

Marc Reisman Guest DJ - Marc Reisman was a DJ on WYEP from 1975-1979.  Marc is also known to Pittsburgh music fans as the harmonica player for The Iron City Houserockers.

Stephen Chatman Guest DJ – Stephen Chatman was The Soul Show Host from 1995-2008.

Stephan Bontrager Guest DJ - Stephan Bontrager hosted The Midday Mix on WYEP from 2001-2006, then served as our 1st Director of Community Engagement. 

W.T. Koltek Guest DJ - W.T. Koltek was a DJ on WYEP from 1976-1985.