WYEP's 30-Day Song Challenge

Give us a follow on Instagram and play the 30-Day Song Challenge. Download the image here and post on your Instagram stories. 

Each day on the challenge's calendar describes what type of song someone taking part should post for that day. For example, Day 1 asks for "a song that reminds you of summer." Share the calendar image on your stories, use the drawing tool to circle Day 1 and use the Instagram music library to choose a song that fits the description. Directions on how to use the drawing tool and music library are below. 

Using the drawing tool on Instagram Stories:

Click on the drawing icon (circled below) to draw a circle around the day you are sharing:

Using the music library tool on Instagram Stories:

Click the stickers icon on the stories interface (circled here):

Click on the music sticker (circled here):

Search for the song you would like to share. Click done and move the sticker anywhere on the screen. Then post to stories.