What's Next For Howlers In Bloomfield

(Photo of Howlers via Googlemaps)

Pittsburgh City Paper music writer Jordan Snowden joined the Evening Mix this week  to talk with Liz Felix about some news regarding Howlers.

Rumors that the long-standing Bloomfield venue is closing turned out to be untrue, but there’s a move to East Liberty and other changes in the works for Howlers.

“The DIY music community was very upset about it when they thought it was closing,” Snowden said. “But they’re actually still kind of upset with the fact that it’s leaving Bloomfield because Bloomfield doesn’t really have any other music venues. It has Brillobox, which is pretty small … and the Mr. Roboto project but that, again, is a smaller space and that’s more of the Garfield line.”

“A couple of bands are not happy about the news in general,” she said.

Jordan recently reported on some fans reactions for the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Listen to their full conversation here: