WYEP Just Added

Spotlighting a new song from the WYEP on-air playlist

The National "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness"
The slow build has long been a staple of The National, drawing each song slowly toward its ultimate climax. However, the Cincinati-based band wastes no time getting into the groove on their latest release. 

WYEP Vintage

Spotlighting a classic song from the WYEP on-air playlist 

Laurie Anderson "O Superman"
Performance artist Laurie Anderson turns 70 this week. Although initally only well-known in the art world, Anderson garnered much critical acclaim (and commercial success) with the release of the loopy, trippy, vocoder-drenched "O Superman" in 1981.   

WYEP Local 913 Live

Spotlighting a live performance from the WYEP studios

Local 913 Live: The Commonheart
The Commonheart performed at WYEP's Local 913 Live on April 13, 2017. The band, fronted by charming singer Clinton Clegg, have been captivating audiences locally and nationally over the last few years. Their new album, Grownis available now. 

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Sheryl Crow, Be Myself

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