The Well-Regarded Artist That You Simply Cannot Stand


There are always going to be some artists you don't like, despite the fact that they are critically acclaimed or are liked by people whose musical taste you otherwise respect. Sometimes that artist just annoys you or leaves you cold, even if you can understand why they are lauded and respected. In other cases, you have no idea why anyone likes them at all.

We were curious what artists would be singled out like this by a large group of people, so we put it to WYEP listeners: please nominate and then vote on the bands and musicians that most fit this category in your view. Over the course of this past week (4/6 - 4/13), we got the nominations, whittled it down to a list and had people vote.

During the voting, we also let people cast a "save" vote for which of the nominated artists they actually like the most. The artist with the most save votes would get removed from the final list. As it turned out, U2 won the save vote, and they were taken from the final list. (Kids, take note: if you're going to have a lot of haters, just make sure to have even more fans than others.)

Here is the list of the well-regarded artists that WYEP listeners cannot stand:


20. Neil Young


19. The Decemberists


18. The Beatles


17. Pearl Jam


16. Joni Mitchell

15. Tom Waits

14. Coldplay

13. Stevie Nicks

12. Red Hot Chili Peppers

11. The Grateful Dead

10. Phish

9. Eagles

8. Steely Dan

7. Morrissey

6. Adele

5. Bruce Springsteen

4. Bob Dylan

3. Radiohead

2. Dave Matthews Band


And the artist who received the most votes as The Well-Regarded Artist That You Simply Cannot Stand:

1. Jack White



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