Album Spotlight

WYEP's Joey Spehar and Rosemary Welsch chat about albums they're excited for you to hear. Click on the images below to see each artist and hear their reviews. 

Early James & The Latest’s new album “Singing For My Supper” is full of cool-sounding, vintage-inspired tunes, but it's so much more than that.

Album Spotlight: Singing For My Supper By Early James & The Latest


Lucinda Williams is back and she is as gritty and gutsy as ever.

The 67-year-old hasn't mellowed with age. She is still filled with rage and wisdom, caustic wit and deep empathy. “Good Souls, Better Angels” is Lucinda Williams's most political work to date, but it also includes songs that explore the human heart and soul. 

Album Spotlight: Good Souls, Better Angels by Lucinda Williams


Avi Kaplan was born in California. He spent a good deal of his childhood listening to folk music under the giant sequoia trees. It’s a place he holds close in his heart no matter where his career has taken him.

Album Spotlight: "I’ll Get By" By Avi Kaplan


Clem Snide’s new album “Forever Just Beyond” is led by songwriter Eef Barzelay. Clem Snide was formed in the mid-1990s in Boston. They are named after a character who appears in several William S. Burrough's novels including “Naked Lunch”.

In 1999 they were discovered by Seymour Stein who signed them to Sire Records.

Album Spotlight: Forever Just Beyond by Clem Snide


“Sigma Oasis” is the 15th studio album from Phish and the first in a few albums to not be produced by Bob Ezrin. Instead, the album is mostly self-produced with some help from Vance Powell who has worked a lot with Jack White and his various other bands as well as Arctic Monkeys, The Revivalists, and Wolf Mother.

Album Spotlight: Sigma Oasis by Phish