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Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of WYEP’s trusted music experts joins me (Cindy Howes) on The Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Jess Phaneuf from WUMB in Boston!

In case you missed it, here's what Jess played:

Aimee Mann "Goose Snow Cone" - I'm always pretty excited to hear what Aimee Mann has put together and it's been a little while since her last project, so I'm really looking forward to this album. So far, I'm digging the lovely sounds of this single, although I can't for the life of me figure out what a goose snow cone is!

Bell X1, "I Go Where You Go" - I've enjoyed bits of Bell X1 in the past, but this is the first full album from them that I've fallen in love with. I like to describe it as Bon Iver meets Dawes. This particular track is quite sweet and romantic.  


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A friend recently point out comedian Morgan Murphy to me. She's a writer on Jimmy Kimmel and has a very funny stand-up routine. Her humor is dry and her hair is awesome. I looked up her Wikipedia page (something I do when I start forming a new obsession about someone/thing) and it mentioned she appears in Aimee Mann's "31 Today" video. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Check it out:


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