Spotlight: Allison Moorer's "Blood"


At the end of 2019, Allison Moorer put out her 10th solo album, called "Blood." It's a companion piece to her new autobiography of the same name.

Moorer's is the sister of fellow musician Shelby Lynn, and the two have dealt with their share of trauma over the years. When the girls were teenagers, their abusive father killed their mother and then killed himself. Moorer said she felt like she was on an emotional hampster wheel, and the only way for her to stop feeling like the daughter of a murderer and murdered woman was get off the wheel. Part of the way the way she did that was to investigate what happened and push it out into a book and an album.

Moorer told NPR's Fresh Air in November that "So much of this book, for me, was about looking at what happened then and what it produced in me as an adult."

WYEP's Joey Spehar and Rosemary Welsch discuss how Moorer did that in "Blood."

Listen to Moorer's "Blood" on Spotify:


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