We Got the Beat, WYEP's new show devoted to music from the 1980s, is moving to Fridays from 8 to 10 PM. The Block Party is moving to Thursdays from 8 to midnight. See more of WYEP's specialty program schedule below.


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WYEP's Weekend and Specialty Programs List

Every weekend, WYEP takes a deeper dive into music. Check out all of our weekend specialty shows and explore new releases and classic songs in folk, blues, soul, bluegrass, and much more. See the full schedule of weekend programming below. Extend your music discovery and go deeper through the entire weekend on 91-3 WYEP!



8:00 PM - The Block Party - new and classic indie rock and other fresh sounds


6:00 PM - Grand Groove Radio - contemporary soul, hip-hop, and house music
8:00 PM - We Got the Beat - all music from the 198os, hosted by Bob Studebaker


12:00 AM - WYEP Afterhours - freeform
6:00 AM - etown - live music
7:00 AM - Saturday Sunrise - a musical buffet ideal to start off your Saturday
10:00 AM - The Saturday Mix - a great mix of indie and classic rock, similar to weekday programming
2:00 PM - The Soul Show - soul, R&B, funk, jazz, and fusion
5:00 PM - Big Town Blues - classic and modern blues
9:00 PM - Rollin' and Tumblin' - electric and acoustic blues


12:00 AM - Beale Street Caravan - blues and music from Memphis and the Delta region
1:00 AM - Dubmission - house, techno, jazz, dub, disco, and more
6:00 AM - Folk Alley - folk music
8:00 AM - The WYEP Coffeehouse - contemporary and classic songwriters
11:00 AM - Roots and Rhythm Mix - country, blues, world, zydeco, soul, reggae, and more
2:00 PM - The Sunday Mix - a great mix of indie and classic rock, similar to weekday programming
5:00 PM - An American Sampler - new and classic folk music
8:00 PM - The Bluegrass Jam Session - new and classic bluegrass music, news, and events
11:00 PM - The Grateful Dead Hour - live and rare music by the Dead


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