Pittsburgh Artist Of The Week: Bindley Hardware Co.


Pittsburgh musician Jon Bindley sees a lot of similarities between country and hip-hop music.

“A lot of persona and attitude are important and believability of the speaker or the singer,” he said. “I think people know what’s authentic and what’s not.”

Bindley’s band, The Bindley Hardware Co., does make authentic, believable country music, whatever that is.

“Country music is a lot of things,” Bindley said. “I think it is an attitude. I think it means a lot of things depending on who you ask. I think country music is at the forefront of progressive ideals and experimentation with poetry and songwriting.”

For the record, Bindley might be a believable rapper, too. He once made a hip-hop song with his old schoolmate Mac Miller, but that’s a story for another time. Right now, the focus is on the new Bindley Hardware Company release – "Solitaire."

As the name implies, it’s a very introspective record.

“I think the songs are all kind of introspective and they’re very much based on self-analysis, looking inward for better or worse,” Bindley said.

That’s a trope not often seen in country music and that’s not lost on Bindley, who also appreciates the way the genre can help an artist become someone else.

“As a writer, sometimes country music can really appeal because you can sort of shift the focus away from yourself directly and you can be safe in that way,” Bindley said.

But, back to looking inward, check out "Future Tripping" – a song that will probably ring true for someone just like you.

“'Future Tripping,’ I think, is something universally understood. If you’ve ever had that night that you just lie awake and you can’t sleep and your mind’s racing and you’re thinking about things from years ago or things that might lie in wait, it can be very intoxicating and anxiety-inducing,” Bindley said. “So this song is about embracing that feeling and recognizing that all we have is the present moment and to not future trip too hard.”

Check out "Solitaire" from the Bindley Hardware Co. below:


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