Kiss The Sky

Rolling Stone Magazine Says: "Yes believe the hype! This show lives up to it!"

The Village Voice NYC Says: "Bringing Music History To Life."

Kiss The Sky-World's Greatest Jimi Hendrix Show is the #1 Hendrix concert recreation act in the world and have been touring nationally to rave reviews. They are so adept at keeping the memory of Jimi Hendrix alive that remaining members of Hendrix's own bands have joined them on stage. 

Kiss The Sky WOWS audiences with their full replica Jimi Hendrix wardrobe, stage gear, look alike and sound alike musicians.  More then a concert, the show celebrates all phases of the short yet iconic career and concerts of Jimi Hendrix.

Jimy Bleu stars as Jimi Hendrix and is the world's longest running Jimi Hendrix Performance Artist. Just like Hendrix, Jimy Bleu is a virtuoso, left-handed guitarist and performs all of Hendrix's signature stage moves.