Ryan Adams "Prisoner"

With the release of his 16th album 'Prisoner' Ryan Adams is still finding new ways to describe heartache, broken promises, disappointment and loss. It's not a secret tha tthis new release is a breakup record, from his marriage to actor and singer Mandy Moore.  It's simply not just a average break-up record up record.  'Prisoner' has the musically feel of part Paul Westerberg, some Springteen material, and even a page or two from The Smith's.  In fact, Adam's makes some lyrical references to Johnny Marr and The Boss while he's singing about love being like jail.  He covers the pain, loss, and despair in fairly simplistic terms with a few stock phrases, but it's the delivery of the material that makes this album believable, honest, and hopefully a cleanser for all that listen.

Kyle Smith (Midday Mix)