Music News Roundup, Bono Injured, Neil Young Calls for Coffee Boycott and Jimmy Page Book Stamping.

Plans for U2 to have a week long residency on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show have been cancelled do to injuries sustained by Bono During a cycling incident. reports suggest that Bono's arm will require surgery after reportedly being broken during a bicycle spill in New York's Central Park. Despite having to cancel their week long stay on the Tonight Show there seems to be no hard feelings between the band and Fallon and U2's official website has stated "Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and everyone at the show for their understanding". U2 hopes to fulfill the Tonight Show residency at a later date.

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Neil Young has called for his fans to boycott Starbucks products due to the company's ties with Monsanto, a company involved in a lawsuit against the state of Vermont over genetically modified organism legislation. A law was passed in Vermont requiring food producers label all foods containing GMOs which prompted Monsanto and other companies to file a lawsuit against the state. Young despite loving his morning coffee hopes that boycotting Starbucks will cause a ripple affect grabbing the attention of other companies. "Monsanto might not care what we think" says Young "But as a public facing company Starbucks does".

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News that Jimmy Page would be doing several Book Signing events following the release of his new book Jimmy Page has had fans eagerly anticipating the opportunity to have the guitarist sign their copies. Some however may be disappointed to learn that the Signing will actually be a stamping. despite early news that Page would be signing books, official reports have indicated that Page will be using his custom stamp on all books at the events.