Cool Kids: Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Michael Franti's career in music began with a strong political bent.  The music was powerful, but not necessarily friendly to children's ears.  In recent years, however, with his band Spearhead, Franti has embraced an ethos of peace, love, and joyfulness. No song in the Michael Franti & Spearhead catalog embodies this joyful feeling more than "The Sound Of Sunshine".  They lyrics speak of finding happiness even in hard times.  With lines like, "Yo, yo, here we go /I want to go where the summer never ends /With my guitar on the beach, there with all my friends /The sun so hot and the waves in motion /And everything smells like suntan lotion" it's hard not to feel the warmth of summer even on the coldest of days. Today's Cool Kids selection was chosen by Dave Panasiuk, owner of Dave's Music Mine - a record store on Pittsburgh's South Side.  Dave and his wife Michelle have a daughter named Rosalie with whom they share their wealth of music knowledge.  Rosalie is quite the cool kid already and will certainly be the envy of her friends one day with her massive music collection.  Dave says that Franti's music makes her dance around like no other.  He bashfully admitted that he can't resist a few moves himself when she gets going... Watch the video for Michael Franti & Spearhead's "The Sound Of Sunshine":