Cool Kids: Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

What's better than a song that short, simple, and insanely catchy?  Not much, really. Today's Cool Kids selection comes from Sir Paul McCartney.  The legendary ex-Beatle is working on some new material, but today we're going to listen to the song that kicks off his 2007 release Memory Almost Full.  "Dance Tonight" fits the bill of short, simple and catchy perfectly.  With lyrics like "Everybody gonna dance tonight / Everybody gonna feel alright", this song will be stuck in the heads of everyone who listens and repeated spins will be welcomed. The video for "Dance Tonight" features the left-handed mandolin played on the song prominently.  The mandolin in question was purchased at a London guitar shop by McCartney and whenever he played it for his then 3 year old daughter Beatrice, she would begin to dance immediately.  McCartney says the song, then, wrote itself. Watch the video for "Dance Tonight" featuring Natalie Portman and Mackenzie Crook: