Indigo Girls

The fans were singing, clapping and dancing along to their favorite Indigo Girls songs Sunday night.  They were more than receptive to the songs from their new album “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug” – which was good, since Amy Ray and Emily Saliers performed almost all of the tracks from their new disc (just released in March).  Amy and Emily started off the show with two new songs and interspersed the new material with the older more familiar tunes during a solid 90 minute plus set, and a two song encore.  Nearly two dozen songs, with the new material seamlessly intertwined among the fan favorites.  Included were some of the songs that you can find on WYEP’s 913 Essential Songs Countdown: “Power of Two”, “Galileo” (final song of the evening) and the #1 essential song “Closer to Fine” which brought David Ryan Harris back up on stage to join the Indigo Girls on a verse or two.  Amy shined solo on “Romeo & Juliet”.  Julie Wolf accompanied the Indigo Girls on stage playing electric keyboards and accordion and providing backing vocals.

Over the years, The Indigo Girls have made lot of friends in the music business; many of whom have said Amy & Emily have influenced them in their own careers.  Opening the show this evening was one of their friends (originally from Atlanta), singer-songwriter David Ryan Harris (DRH).  DRH sat in a metal folding chair while playing his guitar.  Most musicians I’ve seen prefer to stand.  The crowd was still filing in, but when DRH started doing an extended falsetto during his opening song “If I Had a Dime” he immediately captured the audience.  During his tune “Pretty Girl”, DRH weaved snippets of songs by the likes of Prince and John Mayer among others into the mix.  DRH played nearly a 50-minute set, with 8 songs (including a cover of “Uptight”).

Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host