Boyfriends, Girlfriends

The sophomore album from indie-pop darlings, Donora, is a hit from start to finish. Intelligently crafted, but not overworked, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, has charisma flowing out its ears. It’s all thanks to superstar Casey Hanner, her highly talented brother/producer Jake Hanner and their secret weapon, bassist Jake Churton.

The music is tighter and cleaner than their debut; showing growth in songwriting, production and performing. All three members wrote the songs together in the studio. The album was produced by Jake H with assistance from his dad - producer, songwriter and musician Dave Hanner (of the country group Corbin, Hanner).

Aside from the stunning Generation X/Billy Idol cover of “Untouchables”, highlight of the record is “Champion”, the underdog’s anthem of the year: “I’m not a champion/but I’ll be the one you want”. It's not a concept album, but the songs examine different people's views on relationships. Casey states that some personal experiences are recorded, but for the most part it's an outside observation on how people view different relationships.

Despite the high energy and extreme listen-ability of the album, the songs' subject matter have serious undertones. It's not a fluffy water-downed pop record. Donora has recorded an interesting, dynamic and fun release in Boyfriends, Girlfriends.

Cindy Howes (Morning Host)