Mockingbird Time

Mockingbird Time is the return to classic form and also the mid 90’s quintessential lineup of the Minneapolis Alt-Country rockers, The Jayhawks. The reunited lineup features Gary Louris, Marc Olson, Karen Grotberg, Marc Perlman, and Tim O’Reagan. 1996 was the last time that Gary Louris and Marc Olson performed their soaring harmonies together, as The Jayhawks, on the Tomorrow The Green Grass tour. Marc Olson quit the band, The Jayhawks continued to record and release material until 2003’s breakup. Mockingbird Time contains catchy, rockin’, jangly, melodic pop tracks that evoke the influences and history of this band’s 1990’s releases. Mockingbird Time is vintage Jayhawks. The band seems invigorated by their time apart, relaying new experiences in their writing styles with their Byrds meets Beatles and Big Star sound.

Kyle Smith (Director of Content)