Nothing is Wrong

Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong The LA band Dawes is having their day in the sun with the new album Nothing Is Wrong. The young band draws upon influence from Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and other musicians touting that “Laurel Canyon Sound”. Their lyrics are thoughtful and the music gives you an easy feeling. And that’s “Easy” with several extra E’s (as in The Eagles…).

On the new record, Dawes has written some epic guitar and harmony-rich songs. Most songs are about five minutes long and contain guitar solos that make you want to memorize to play on your own. The lyrics are smart, earnest and well written. If you have ever been to LA, you completely understand what the chorus of “Time Spent in Los Angeles” is talking about: “You got that special kind of sadness/you got that tragic set of charms/that only comes from time spent in Los Angeles”. They explain how empty and lonely Los Angeles can feel perfectly in three lines. Front man Taylor Goldsmith and his talented, younger brother Griffin sing those incredible harmonies that only siblings who have been singing together for a lifetime can pull off. It keeps you coming back to the album and discovering new things about each song.

The band’s sophomore release was mixed at Jackson Browne’s Santa Monica studio. Browne acted as a mentor, giving input and singing on the record as well. This was a dream come true for Dawes, who count Browne among their heroes. Browne has taken quite a liking to Dawes- even using them as his touring band. He is not the only musical giant to give Dawes a profile boost. Robbie Robertson (The Band) had Dawes as his backing band on TV appearances and had front man Taylor Goldsmith sing on his latest release How to Become Clairvoyant. All the attention is well deserved and the proof is on the new record,Nothing Is Wrong.

Cindy Howes (Morning Mix Host)