Sky Full Of Holes

Fountains of Wayne Sky Full Of Holes Yep-Rock Records Sky Full Of Holes is the 5th release lead by songwriters Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood. Fountains of Wayne have been together since the mid 90’s, putting intelligent songs and storytelling together inside of a classic three minute song model. One of the things that stand out musically is the seamless sound and craftsmanship of the songs. There are several bands in contemporary or alternative music that craft some version of power pop. Fountains of Wayne seem to always have the ability to craft infectious melodies effortlessly and with ease. “Richie and Rueben” and the lead single “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” are good examples of Fountains of Wayne songs are all about: Clever word play and a day in the life of some fictional characters that run into life’s problems. They can be compared a long side Squeeze, Matthew Sweet, Big Star, Kinks, and The Beatles in their ability to perfect a well written, character driven song. Fountains of Wayne will be headlining WYEP’s Rock the Block event on Saturday, September 17th at Bedford Square on Pittsburgh South Side.