Standing Room Only

The 18th album from the long-running blues collective is a polished collection of 14 songs, spanning the gamut from the R&B swing of "Boomerang" to the plaintive soul of "Sufferin' With the Blues" to the dueling saxophone jazz of the instrumental "Straight Jaquette." Lead singer Mark DuFresne (who also fronted the last outing, 2003's Grammy-nominated That's Right!) makes a good focal point for the swirling horns and guitar, switching from a smoldering wail to a no-nonsense approach as the need arises.

These guys have got their chops--musicianship is fine throughout the release, buoying the the material to a consistently fun level. For a band with such a strong legacy looming over them, they continue the tradition admirably. This is the "Room" where all the guests would congregate during a party.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director