Musical Winter Games

WYEP is holding the Musical Winter Games this Monday through Friday. We'll be running hourly Twitter polls around various music topics, and you can vote for your favorites and help bring someone the gold medal!

The voting will be done via Twitter only, so be sure to have a Twitter account if you want to vote!

Each category will have four heats. The winner if each heat will return for a category finals on Friday. We will announce winners on the air, via Twitter, and later post them here.

At the end of each hour, it's possible that there could be a tie. In case of a 2-way tie, we'll flip a coin to send a winner to the finals. Should there be a 3-way tie, we'll roll a die to determine a winner. And in the unlikely event of a 4-way tie, we'll have a sudden-death rock-paper-scissors playoff between Joey Spehar, Kyle Smith, Rosemary Welsch, and Cindy Howes (each representing one of the tied competitors).


Category list: (click on each category to see when the heats and finals are scheduled to take place)


Best Album of the 1960s

  • heat 1: Monday, 9am
    • Bob Dylan/Blonde on Blonde
    • Dusty Springfield/Dusty in Memphis
    • Sly & the Family Stone/Stand!
    • Creedence Clearwater Revival/Green River
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 10am
    • The Beatles/Revolver
    • The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
    • Aretha Franklin/I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You
    • The Byrds/Mr. Tambourine Man
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 4pm
    • The Beach Boys/Pet Sounds
    • Joni Mitchell/Clouds
    • Jimi Hendrix/Are You Experienced
    • Janis Joplin/I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
  • heat 4: Thursday, 7am
    • The Band/The Band
    • Crosby, Stills & Nash/Crosby, Stills & Nash
    • Simon & Garfunkel/Bookends
    • The Velvet Underground & Nico
  • finals: Friday, 5pm


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Best Album of the 1970s

  • heat 1: Monday, 11am
    • Blondie/Parallel Lines
    • The Grateful Dead/American Beauty
    • Dr. John/Gumbo
    • Fleetwood Mac/Rumours
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 2pm
    • Bob Dylan/Blood on the Tracks
    • Elvis Costello/My Aim Is True
    • Creedence Clearwater Revival/Cosmo's Factory
    • Carole King/Tapestry
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 8am
    • Bruce Springsteen/Born to Run
    • The Clash/London Calling
    • Joni Mitchell/Blue
    • Neil Young/Harvest
  • heat 4: Thursday, 1pm
    • David Bowie/The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
    • Rickie Lee Jones/Rickie Lee Jones
    • Warren Zevon/Excitble Boy
    • Van Morrison/Moondance
  • finals: Friday, 7am


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Best Album of the 1980s

  • heat 1: Monday, 10am
    • Prince/Purple Rain
    • U2/The Joshua Tree
    • Tom Petty/Full Moon Fever
    • Bonnie Raitt/Nick of Time
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 5pm
    • Kate Bush/Hounds of Love
    • Paul Simon/Graceland
    • R.E.M./Lifes Rich Pageant
    • The Cure/Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 2pm
    • The Clash/Combat Rock
    • Violent Femmes/Violent Femmes
    • Pretenders/Learning to Crawl
    • Talking Heads/Speaking in Tongues
  • heat 4: Thursday, 9am
    • Bruce Springsteen/Born in the U.S.A.
    • 10,000 Maniacs/In My Tribe
    • David Bowie/Let's Dance
    • Peter Gabriel/So
  • finals: Friday, 3pm


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Best Album of the 1990s

  • heat 1: Monday, 12pm
    • Moby/Play
    • Bjork/Post
    • The Wallflowers/Bringing Down the Horse
    • Sheryl Crow/Tuesday Night Music Club
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 3pm
    • Natalie Merchant/Tigerlily
    • Beck/Odelay
    • Nirvana/Nevermind
    • Oasis/(What's the Story) Morning Glory?
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 7am
    • Tom Petty/Wildflowers
    • Sarah McLachlan/Surfacing
    • Counting Crows/August and Everything After
    • R.E.M./Automatic For the People
  • heat 4: Thursday, 10am
    • U2/Achtung Baby
    • Depeche Mode/Violator
    • Fiona Apple/Tidal
    • Radiohead/OK Computer
  • finals: Friday, 8am


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Best Album of the 2000s

  • heat 1: Monday, 3pm
    • Vampire Weekend/Vampire Weekend
    • Gomez/How We Operate
    • Amy Winehouse/Back to Black
    • Wilco/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 4pm
    • U2/All That You Can't Leave Behind
    • Norah Jones/Come Away With Me
    • Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head
    • Neko Case/Middle Cyclone
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 9am
    • The Flaming Lips/Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    • The Avett Brothers/I and Love and You
    • The Decemberists/The Crane Wife
    • Feist/The Reminder
  • heat 4: Thursday, 11am
    • Death Cab for Cutie/Plans
    • Arcade Fire/Neon Bible
    • KT Tunstall/Eye to the Telescope
    • Beck/Guero
  • finals: Friday, 12pm


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Best Song Over 8 Minutes Long

  • heat 1: Monday, 7am
    • Iron Butterfly/In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
    • Joni Mitchell/Song For Sharon
    • Bruce Springsteen/Jungleland
    • Primal Scream/Come Together
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 12pm
    • Laurie Anderson/O Superman
    • Creedence Clearwater Revival/I Heard It Through the Grapevine
    • Prince/Purple Rain
    • Television/Marquee Moon
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 3pm
    • The Who/Won't Get Fooled Again
    • Traffic/The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
    • David Bowie/Station to Station
    • Marianne Faithfull/Blue Millionaire
  • heat 4: Thursday, 2pm
    • Neil Young/Down By the River
    • Don McLean/American Pie
    • Oasis/All Around the World
    • Bob Dylan/Desolation Row
  • finals: Friday, 11am


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Best Female Vocalist

  • heat 1: Monday, 4pm
    • k.d. lang
    • Brandi Carlile
    • Nicole Atkins
    • Aretha Franklin
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 7am
    • Sarah McLachlan
    • Sharon Jones
    • Joni Mitchell
    • Dolores O'Riordan
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 12pm
    • Stevie Nicks
    • Kacey Musgraves
    • Amy Winehouse
    • Valerie June
  • heat 4: Thursday, 8am
    • Rhiannon Giddens
    • Katie Crutchfield
    • Joan Osborne
    • Adele
  • finals: Friday, 1pm


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Best Musical Family

  • heat 1: Monday, 8am
    • The Dylan Family (Bob, Jakob)
    • The Haim Family (Haim)
    • The Partridge Family (Shirley, Keith, etc.)
    • The Allman Family (The Allman Brothers Band)
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 1pm
    • The Carter/Cash Family (Johnny, June, etc.)
    • The Avett Family (The Avett Brothers)
    • The Jackson Family (Michael, Janet, etc.)
    • The Staples Family (Mavis, Pops, etc.)
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 11am
    • The Marley Family (Bob, Ziggy, etc.)
    • The Guthrie Family (Woody, Arlo, etc.)
    • The Von Trapp Family (Maria, Captain Georg, etc.)
    • The Zappa Family (Frank, Dweezil, etc.)
  • heat 4: Thursday, 12pm
    • The Neville Family (Aaron, Cyril, etc.)
    • The Hank Williams Family (Hank, Hank II, etc.)
    • The Wainwright Family (Loudon, Kate McGarrigle, etc.)
    • The Shankar/Jones Family (Ravi, Norah, etc.)
  • finals: Friday, 10am


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Best Music Documentary

  • finals: Friday, 4pm


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Best Drummer

  • heat 1: Monday, 2pm
    • Sheila E.
    • Charlie Watts
    • Ringo Starr
    • Max Weinberg
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 11am
    • Clyde Stubblefield
    • Meg White
    • Hal Blaine
    • Stewart Copeland
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 1pm
    • John Convertino
    • Dave Grohl
    • Ginger Baker
    • Moe Tucker
  • heat 4: Thursday, 5pm
    • Bill Kreutzmann
    • Keith Moon
    • Kate Schellenbach
    • Levon Helm
  • finals: Friday, 9am


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Best Guitar Solo in a Specific Song

  • heat 1: Monday, 1pm
    • Derek and the Dominoes/Layla
    • Bonnie Raitt/Love Sneakin' Up On You
    • Pearl Jam/Alive
    • Stevie Ray Vaughan/Pride and Joy
  • heat 2: Tuesday, 8am
    • B.B. King/The Thrill Is Gone
    • Dire Straits/Sultans of Swing
    • Susan Tedeschi/Just Won't Burn
    • Neil Young/Cortez the Killer
  • heat 3: Wednesday, 5pm
    • St. Vincent/Rattlesnake
    • Steely Dan/Reelin' in the Years\
    • Wilco/Impossible Germany
    • The Rolling Stones/Sympathy for the Devil
  • heat 4: Thursday, 4pm
    • The Allman Brothers Band./Jessica
    • Radiohead/Paranoid Android
    • The Eagles/Hotel California
    • Jimi Hendrix/All Along the Watchtower
  • finals: Friday, 2pm




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