Lucinda Williams Brings Rage, Wisdom And Wit To Her New Album

Lucinda Williams is back and she is as gritty and gutsy as ever.

The 67-year-old hasn't mellowed with age. She is still filled with rage and wisdom, caustic wit and deep empathy. “Good Souls, Better Angels” is Lucinda Williams's most political work to date, but it also includes songs that explore the human heart and soul. 

“The songs give you a taste of the political atmosphere of Williams’s new release and also her sly wit. She doesn't mince words about the vampiric nature of the endless news cycles as it drains you of your sanity,” says WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch.

The album features roots-rock arrangements, the kind that kicked Williams’s career into high gear. Just before heading into the studio, she completed an extended 20th-anniversary tour for her Grammy-winning album “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road.”

“Maybe that's what prompted her to work with Ray Kennedy, the producer on the classic 1998 album. Recorded live in his vintage equipped studio, Lucinda Williams teamed with her touring band and the proof is in the recording. The magic is still there on 'Good Souls Better Angels,'” says Welsch.

Williams has been recording for 40 years. 

“Her voice from time to time shows her age but her intensity never wavers and her band is outstanding. This is a more rocking album than Williams has offered in some time,” says Welsch.

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