The Local 913 Podcast features interviews with the best musicians from the Pittsburgh area. The weekly conversations are offered in conjunction with WYEP’s Local 913, our weekly local music spotlight, which you may have heard on the radio on 91.3fm or online.

Produced and hosted by WYEP's Cindy Howes. 

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Local 913 Pod


Sleeping Witch and Saturn
Sad Girls Aquatics Club
Today is the Best Day Ever
Nameless in August
Garter Shake
Nardo Says
Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six
Mariage Blanc
Alan Getto
Treble NLS
Gregg Welty
The Living Street
Brittney Chantele
Balloon Ride Fantasy
Bikini Islands
Jimmy Bucek
Ferdinand The Bull
Scratchy Blanket
BB Guns
The Local
Jack Swing
Hear Tonight