Local 913: SPISH Is The Sound Of 'Organized Chaos'


SPISH is a Pittsburgh band that really loves to create fully immersive musical experiences.

“At some point in every song, most songs, there’s always something that you hear very faintly in the corner of your ear and when I pick up on those things, I try to follow those little nuances that the song is giving you itself,” says band member Nate Die. “So after you’ve laid down your framework for something, I go through and I tend to add noise into things. I try to sculpt something that is a very static entity within each song.”

Even the band’s name is like an onomatopoeic description of a hot coal dropping into a bucket of water. 

“I think music is an outlet that you can put a bunch of different mediums into,” Die said. “I went to school for fiction writing. I love to tell stories and, for me, the thing that I saw a lot with professors was that no one was able to sell books. Music is a lot more accessible, so after I would write stories, I would convert them into songs as well.”

It’s a cool concept for sure, but what does it sound like?

“Organized chaos … in some sense,” Die said.

SPISH recently released “Eat This Flower” and the EP’s title track is an investigation of the effects of what we put into our bodies, metaphorically speaking.

“I think it’s a gross take on like whenever you go to your mom’s house and she keeps feeding you stuff and then she also gives you take home containers and stuff,” Die said. “So, replace your mom with a toxic person in your life that just keeps giving you all these nuances that you’re supposed to digest in some manner and how that seeps. You know, like, when you eat you sweat. So, how does that stuff come through your skin after you’ve taken it in.”

Check out "Eat This Flower" by SPISH below:


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