Local 913: Meeting Of Important People Says Goodbye For Now With New Single


Meeting of Important People’s new single might sound a little different from their older stuff.  

“We were trying to do something a little more gentle, a little less obnoxious,” says Josh Verbanets, guitarist and lead singer for the Pittsburgh band. “And I shouldn’t even say we were trying to do it, it’s just what we’re naturally doing now. We feel like, kind of, grown-up dudes and a little less likely to jump around and punch guitars at the moment. Maybe we’ll come back to that.”

Maybe they will. But, maybe they won’t. Verbanets,along with drummer Matt Miller and bassist Aaron Bubenheim, have been crafting incredibly catchy power pop songs for more than a decade. However, that paradigm is shifting.

“Matt recently moved to Erie. His family relocated. They’re still in the state, but, at the same time, we thought it might be nice to put out a single while we’re all in the same place, you know?” Verbanets said. “This song, ‘They Don’t Know Where They Might Find Me,’ happened to be, really, the only song we had that seemed appropriate and the words almost kind of magically mimicked what was going on with us. I imagine Matt Miller, my friend that I’ve played music with for all these years going off into the ether for a little bit and it’s a little mysterious for us. We don’t know exactly what it’s going to mean.”

It will certainly feel different without these three guys making music together in Pittsburgh, but we’d never hold that against them. 

“In my weaker moments I think, ‘Well, if the story is that this is one of the last things we do for a little while, it seems like a nice gentle song to kind of say thank you to everybody for being so nice to us for the last 13 years,’” Verbanets said.

You’re welcome, guys, and thanks for all the music.


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