Local 913: Crazy By Guard Owls




Mike Meiers really loves to write songs.

"I enjoy performing, but I could lock myself in a room and be content with that," said The Guard Owls songwriter and musician. "Have an endless supply of coffee and that’s totally fine with me."

Even better if he has company.

"I love co-writing. At this point, I’ve done it so much that I probably wouldn’t do it any other way."

Well, Meiers found a great songwriting companion in Maddie Finn and the pair write and record as The Guard Owls. They met initially a few years back when their respective bands played a show together. Fast forward to last year and they ran into each other again and decided to reconnect via songwriting.

"When you get someone that writes a lot of songs and someone that writes a lot of songs, you end up writing a lot of songs," Meier said.

And one of those songs is called “Crazy.”

"So this song 'Crazy,' we were talking about her grandparents and how they met," he said. "We were trying to capture kind of like and old-school romance and how it escalates very quickly from like, 'Hey, you’re great,' to 'Oh, now we’re married and this is forever.' We wanted to walk through this verse by verse – this idea of growing old with them."

Meiers says that he’s especially drawn to telling stories with happy endings, especially in a world filled with dark headlines.

"There’s a lot of heavy stuff, so I try to keep it on the up end if I can," he said.



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