Jackson River

<p>Mike Meiers, front man for Jackson River, found early musical inspiration from a Pittsburgh legend. <br /><br />"I was watching Mr. Rogers and I was really like “I NEED to do that.” It seemed like it was one thing I could do. Sports was never really a thing. I knew I couldn’t do that or had no interest. I started doing piano and before I knew it, music was something I felt like I could do. That started to define the thing that I could do and that I really enjoyed.”</p>
<p>Meiers, who was also a runner up in WYEP’s singer-songwriter competition, eventually found his way to the guitar.</p>
<p>“One day I was like “I need to be in a punk band. I can’t play piano.” I started doing guitar, started to figure out some power chords and started taking lessons. Then I started playing in punk bands, started a slew of them and started to tour. Yeah, that was the thing I did for a while.”</p>
<p>Thanks to being a music teacher, Meiers has found himself exposed to a lot of styles of music.</p>
<p>“Two of my students came in and were like “We wanna learn this song by this guy Jason Isbell.” And I was like “I’ve never heard of him.” I listened to “Flying Over Water,” and was like “This is amazing!” I started to listen to him and Drive-By Truckers. I started to go deeper into country and a lot of other folk. I started writing with my friend Jed… because he was really into country and folk. That transformed into Jackson River.”</p>
<p>Be on the lookout for more new music from Jackson River, including a full length this year. <a href="https://www.facebook.com/JacksonRiverMusic">More information is on their Facebook.</a></p>