Fiona Apple's New Album Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard Before

The opening track to Fiona Apple’s fifth studio album "Fetch The Bolt Cutters" will take new listeners by surprise.

“What begins sounding as a lively Vince Guaraldi song ends with wild vocalization spewed with the spirit of Yoko Ono. 'I Want You To Love Me' captures the whimsy of the artist and hints at the menacing aspects of the album,” says WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch.

“Fetch The Bolt Cutters” is Fiona Apple's first album in eight years and her most experimental. Apple recorded most of the album at her home in Los Angeles using Garage Band, a digital audio workstation.

“Her lack of expertise with the format creates a loose editing process that allows ambient sound into the mix, including five dogs who get credit in the liner notes. She also plays the bones of her dead dog Janet. Yes, Apple is pushing the envelope. This album is percussive-heavy with Apple using both her piano and her vocals as rhythm drivers,” says Welsch.

Lyrically, Apple is delving into intense themes, including examinations of her relationships with other women, from the mean girls in school to the women that connect her to ex-boyfriends. But at the heart of the album is the idea of letting go of your fears about what others think of you and learning to speak up for yourself.

“Fiona Apple deals with tough topics like sexual abuse, depression and ugly aspects of failed relationships. But there is a dark humor that runs just below the surface that surprises and delights. Apple is a courageous and talented artist that follows her muse. Whether you end up loving this album might come down to whether you were already in her camp. New listeners, this might not be the album to start with unless you love a challenge. Currently, 'Fetch The Bolt Cutters' is the highest-rated album ever on the website Metacritic, a rating aggregator. So, give it a chance. I guarantee you won't hear anything else like this one anytime soon,” says Welsch.

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