The Six

The Six is, in the main, a gathering of friends who happen to be recognized area musicians and artists for whom creating and sharing musical energy is a life essential.

Formed out of strong friendships and united by creative force, The Six present a range of cover and original songs that resonate within their lives and arranged live, spontaneously in front of their audience.

The members consist of Rob James (lead guitar) and Greg Joseph (bass) of The Clarks, Jim Donovan (drums) late of Rusted Root and currently frontman for Sun King Warriors, Dave Antolik (guitar) and Dan Murphy (lead guitar) of the duet Remaining Green, and artist painter Chuck Olson. A curious mix of abilities and personalities that uses its collective energy to present music from Johnny Cash to The Killers through standards by Dylan, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Steve Earle as well as originals from their respective bands.

A circle is formed as the presentation and each arrangement is stirred in order to create an atmosphere of live composition and response. This unfolding is what makes The Six unique in its performance- an honest, unrehearsed journey into the grass roots of a musical partnership.

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