Tal National with Bombici and DJ Pandemic

Advance tickets online at https://talnationalpittsburgh.brownpapertickets.com and in the following stores: Juke Records (Bloomfield), Dave's Music Mine (S. Side), Caliban Books (Oakland) and Acoustic Music Works (Sq. Hill).

Tal National are a self-described “rock band,” though their vision of rock may push well past what the West fences in around that term, and guitarist Almeida finds as much inspiration in trance as he does in rock’s embrace. The grooves are the backbone of the album, and the intent is to create a trance-state that overwhelms conscious thought and lets the listener be surrounded by the energy and emotion of the music. Their third album, "Tantabara", is now out on Fat Cat Records. https://talnational.bandcamp.com/

“.. a group without obvious peer – one has to look back at the golden age of the west African guitar bands to find this level of complexity executed with such brazen confidence and ability” – Wire