Sleep On It

Sleep On It harnesses the strength and vulnerability of the human spirit with their second full-length album, Pride & Disaster. Over the course of ten songs, the Chicago rock band makes a case for enjoying life, even when times are tough, and never shying away from your truth.
Pride & Disaster celebrates the idea of home and the important role it plays in our lives. By sharing their personal highs and lows through song, the band — Zech Pluister (Vocals), TJ Horansky (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jake Marquis (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), and Luka Fischman (Drums) — has created a record that makes listeners feel seen and understood. The album is a reminder that home doesn’t have to be a place you inhabit and that family is more than a bloodline. Life is what you make it, and Sleep On It exists to provide the soundtrack for growth.